Cross Country Show Band


Cross Country Show Band
Sunday, February 4th - 7:30PM

The Cross Country Show Band covers not only a wide generation of country music but also a lot of Western Canada with dedicated and professional musicians spread from West of Calgary AB to East of Saskatoon SK. The band was started with a vision of Keith McConnell, who with a very successful career in music handpicked friends and fellow musicians together for a band that not only had been fellow band members but also friends who shared the same vision, i.e.: ethics, volume control, professionalism and off stage dress code. They also let the singers sing and the musicians complement the singers. Keith McConnell is an accomplished steel guitar player, dobro, vocals, lead and rhythm guitar and also passes his talent on to other people through instructing other people. Karen Jones Blackwell plays keyboards, sings lead and harmonies. Another versatile player, Chris Studer gives the bass line, lead vocals and harmonies plus the tasteful harmonica can fill in on guitar and keyboards if needed. Mr. Paul Simister, what can we say, not much, adds a great set of lead vocals to the band and also his infectious smile and gets himself into situations that leads to funny stories and to the band. Brad Stratychuk had been holding the band together with his rhythm and timing on the drums. We can't ask for a more tasteful drummer for volume and timing. The Cross Country Show Band appreciates the talent of Brad. They say he's that good that they don't know he's on stage. Kevin Harcourt has a great time being the MC and causing havoc to the fellow band members. He also does lead vocals, playing rhythm on his 12 string guitar and having a great time. All the Cross Country Show Band have the same objective, to give the listening public controlled volume, clean show and full value and quality every show.

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